Theresa Long Licensed Massage Therapist OR#17057
Graduated from Pioneer Pacific College in November 2009


Relax, Repair, Restore


Relaxation is far more crucial than people realize. When you allow your body to relax, you allow the natural healing properties that lie within to take over and improve your overall health and well being.


Over time, we sometimes develop unnatural holding patterns in our posture. This can happen for a number of reasons; such as a previous injury, repetitive work, or past surgeries etc. With the manipulation of the muscle tissue, the release of trigger points, and breaking up adhesion in the fascia (connective tissue that is continuous throughout the body), many symptoms of pain and discomfort can be relieved.


Restoration is what happens once your body has once again achieved balance.

It is with sincere belief and dedication to my profession as a massage therapist, that I strive to help everyone I encounter to achieve a healthier well being through the philosophy.